DeKalb County Health Dept.

Childhood Immunizations


The program helps children stay healthy by protecting them from getting vaccine-preventable diseases.

The program provides low-cost routine childhood vaccines for infants and children through 18 years.  Our experienced and caring nurses welcome the opportunity to assist parents and children through this important preventive health service.

In addition to our main site in DeKalb, there are monthly Childhood Immunizations in Sandwich.  Please contact the program at 815-748-2460 for more information.

Fees and Eligibility

NEW! The DeKalb County Health Department will bill your private health insurance for immunizations.

Low-cost vaccines are available through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program for a child, 18 years or younger, that does not have private insurance that will pay for vaccine.  The federal guidelines define eligibility as a child who is:

  1. American Indian or Alaska native
  2. Enrolled in Medicaid
  3. Has no health insurance
  4. Is underinsured
    1. Children who have private health insurance but the coverage does not include vaccines.
    2. Children whose insurance covers only selected vaccines (VFC-eligible for non-covered vaccines only).
    3. Children whose insurance caps vaccine coverage at a certain amount. Once that is reached, these children are categorized as uninsured.

    Please call 815-748-2460 to ask staff for information.


Phone: 815-748-2460
Fax: 815-748-2434

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I just walk in for shots?
A) Services by appointment are preferred so that we can be prepared for your child’s visit; however, walk-ins are accepted.

Q) Why does my baby need all these shots?
A) To prevent illnesses that can be serious.  Your child’s primary care provider can provide more information.  In addition, there are reliable websites for further information, and you can refer to the links provided.

Q) What if I don’t want all the shots?
A) We will be glad to speak with you about your concerns and your child’s needs, and work out an acceptable plan. In addition, you can also seek advice from your child’s primary care provider.

Q) Can you tell the school I don’t want shots for my child?
A) No, we do not have authority to exempt your child from immunization requirements or provide waivers for children.  You should address your concerns with your child’s school.

Q) Why do I have to give you my child’s record before you will give the shots? I know my child is up to date.
A) In order to provide the best service to you and your child, it is necessary for us to see the record and make a determination of your child’s needs. This prevents unnecessary shots and costs. You can have your child’s primary care provider or school fax us the record at 815-748-2434. When we have the record, we will be glad to discuss your child’s needs and make an appointment if needed.

Q) Do your vaccines have mercury or thimerosal in them?
A) While most vaccines are free from these preservatives, there are a few that are exempt from the Mercury-Free Act. Please call 815-748-2460 if you would like to ask about a specific vaccine.


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