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DeKalb County Health Department 2018 Annual Report Released

To coincide with National Public Health Week, the DeKalb County Health Department
(DCHD) released their Annual Report this week, which highlights the ways in which the Health
Department works to improve health outcomes in the community.

DCHD values community and partner feedback which is why engaging sectors of the
community was a highlight of 2018. “By partnering with community agencies, we were able to
gain valuable insight into the strengths and opportunities for improvement within our current
Public Health System. We feel fortunate to have such strong collaborative partners in the
community and we are excited to put the plan in to action,” says Lisa Gonzalez, Health
Department Administrator. Based on the community assessments, the health priorities identified include: Adolescent Health, Behavioral Health, Chronic Disease, and Maternal and
Child Health. Additionally, in 2018, DCHD focused on strengthening their online presence and
enhancing community outreach efforts to include family planning, emergency preparedness,
and tobacco prevention campaigns.

The 2018 Annual Report provides service delivery highlights from the Public Health
programs that help protect and promote the wellbeing of DeKalb County residents. Some of the
2018 highlights include:
• 16,786 WIC food packages issued
• 9,127 Childhood vaccines administered
• 4, 757 hearing screenings for children
• 1,346 food establishment inspections
• 1,062 communicable disease case investigations
• 252 emergency starter kits distributed to community members
• 61,900 pounds of electronic waste recycled

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2018 Annual Report