Covid-19 Updates

DeKalb County Drug Overdose Prevention Program (DeK-DOPP)

In August of 2017, the DeKalb County Drug Overdose Prevention Program (DeK-DOPP) was reimplemented to address the national opioid crisis. DeK-DOPP is a coalition of Non-EMS first responders concerned with quick response to drug overdoses in DeKalb County to provide support, resources and oversight to those in the program. DCHD serves as the facilitator and provides oversight to the group of police departments in DeKalb County, social service agencies, schools, State’s Attorney and the local healthcare system. The coalition is focused on making a comprehensive impact on the opioid epidemic in DeKalb County. DeK-DOPP is working in three areas of focus:

1.  Rescue- increase the number of Non-EMS first responders and community members who are trained in the use of naloxone

2. Access to care- create more direct pathways to treatment

3. Diversion programs– increase the ability to divert them from the judicial system into treatment  programs

Click the image below to visit the IDPH Opioid Data Dashboard.