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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I get bitten by an animal?
A. Seek medical assistance and call your local police agency to make a report.

Q. Is there a leash law in DeKalb County?
A : Yes. According to the law, dog owners must keep dogs on their premises or under their control (on a leash). Cities
within the County also have laws regarding controlling pets.

Q: Do I need to buy tags for my dog/cat?
A: Yes. Every dog/cat over four months old requires a rabies vaccination and a tag from the county. Dog/cat owners that vaccinate at a veterinary clinic within DeKalb County will purchase the tag at the clinic at the same time.

Q: I have had my dog/cat vaccinated out of County or adopted my dog/cat from a shelter out of the County that vaccinated.  How do I get a tag?
A: You may mail a copy of the vaccination certificate, along with the appropriate fee to Animal Control, 2550 North Annie Glidden Rd., DeKalb, IL 60115. You may also bring your pet’s vaccination certificate to the office to purchase a tag.

Q: Does Animal Control pick up stray dogs?
A: Yes. During business hours Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm, Animal Control will respond to stray dog calls. After hours, holidays, or for animal emergencies contact your local police.

Q: Is there a fee to get my dog out of impound?
A: Yes. There is an impound fee and a board fee. There may also be veterinary fees if treatment is needed. You must provide proof of rabies vaccination and tag, or have your pet vaccinated before claiming.

Q: Does Animal Control pick up stray cats?
A: The program does not pick up stray cats.

Q: What about wildlife?
A:  Animal Control will assist with sick or injured wildlife only during normal business hours with the exception of skunks.  Nuisance wildlife will need to be managed by a wildlife removal service Wildlife Removal Service Listing

Q: I have a bat in my house?
A: It may not be safe for you to approach or have contact with a bat. Contact Animal Control during normal business hours or your local police agency after hours for assistance.

Q: I have lost my pet or found a pet. What should I do?
A: Call Animal Control to report a description of the pet, the general area that it was lost/found, and your phone number. You may also want to give this information to your local Police.