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The program works to prevent foodborne illness through licensing and inspection of the over 500 restaurants and retail food establishments in DeKalb County. The program also inspects temporary food vendors and educates the public about safe food handling, preparation, and storage. The program enforces applicable local and state laws pertaining to food and food establishments.

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Phone: 815-748-2153
Email: (DeKalb County, Illinois).

Effective 01/04/2024, a credit card fee of 2.25% will be applied to all debit and credit card transactions. A minimum of $1.00 will be applied.

FDA/IL Requirements

FDA 2017 Food Code
Allergy Signage Requirement
Consumer Advisory Signage
Implementation of the FDA Code
Employee Health Policy Documents
Employee Health Policy Agreement
Employee Health Policy Agreement (Spanish)
Procedure for the Clean-up of Vomit/Fecal Events
Employee Illness Flow Chart
Employee Health & Personal Hygiene Handbook
Food Handler FAQs
Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification
Food Time/Temperature Requirements

Annual Food Establishments

Food Permit Application
Food Construction Manual
Food Service Plan Review
Boil Order FAQs
Boil Order Procedures

Temporary Food Establishments

Temporary Food Permit Application
Temporary Event Checklist for Operators
Temporary Event Food Safety
Temporary Food Service Establishment Regulations

Seasonal Food Establishments

Seasonal Food Application

Mobile Food Establishments

Mobile Vending Application
Mobile Vendor Requirements
Commissary Agreement

Cottage Food and Farmer’s Market Information

Variance Request Form
Complaint Form
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


Class A Food Establishment$840.00
Class B Food Establishment (catering)$620.00
Class B Food Establishment (no catering)$515.00
Class C + Seasonal$510.00
Class C Food Establishment$410.00
Class D Food Establishment$255.00
Bed & Breakfast Establishment$150.00
Class E Temporary Food Establishment*$55.00
1 day
2-4 days
5+ days
Class E Alcohol Only1 vendor: $25
2-4 vendors: $50
5-9 vendors: $100
10+vendors: $150
Vending Machine Permit (TCS Foods only)$25.00
Mobile/Seasonal with Food Preparation$285.00
Mobile/Seasonal without Food Preparation$185.00
Plan Review- New Restaurant$515.00
Plan Review- Established$305.00
Non-Compliance/Re-Inspection Fee$100.00
Cottage Food Registration$25.00

*Application must be received 7 days prior to the event to avoid late fee. Not-for-profit, Non-PHF, Sampling Only – 50% for Class E. Restaurant Late Fee – 50% of cost of license

Laws and Regulations

DeKalb County Code – Chapter 38- Health and Sanitation (includes food and food establishments).

IL Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act

Additional Resources

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

A) Yes, in most cases. However, there are some exceptions.  Call for details.

A) New facility: Once the physical structure has been determined to be adequate, the owner completes the application and pays the required application fee. Applications are provided by the inspector at the pre-operation inspection.
Change of ownership of existing facility: Contact the Health Department for procedure.

A) Generally about a week is adequate for the entire process.

A) No.  However, all submitted plans must be to scale with the scale clearly noted on the plan.

A: No.

A: No.

A: Frequency of routine inspections is based on the establishments risk assessment. Category 1 establishments are inspected 3 times per year. Category 2 establishments are inspected one to two times per year, and Category 3 establishments at least once a year. The terms Category 1, 2, 3 describe operational features of the establishment rather than the likelihood of unsafe food practices. All routine inspections are unannounced.