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Well & Septic

The primary goal of the Potable Water Program is to ensure proper installation and repair of all privately owned water wells. Environmental Health Practitioners also test water from privately owned water wells. The program enforces local and state laws and ordinances pertaining to potable water.

The primary goal of the Sewage Disposal Program is to prevent the transmission of disease caused by exposure to sewage. The program ensures proper installation and repair of all privately owned sewage disposal systems. The program enforces local and state laws and ordinances pertaining to sewage disposal.


Water Well Permit*/Inspection/Sample$300.00
Water Well Sealing Permit$100.00
Water Well Construct plus Sealing (same visit)$350.00
Geothermal Well (up to 10 holes)$100.00, each additional hole $10.00
Non-Community Water Sample (Nitrate)$40.00
Septic Installer/Pumper License$100.00
Septic Permit- Contractor Installed$400.00
Septic Permit- Homeowner Installed$500.00
Well Inspection and One (1) Water Test Sample$175.00
Additional Water Sample Test at time of Scheduled Inspection$40.00
Septic Inspection$165.00
Site Verification-External$40.00
Site Verification- Internal$20.00

*$100 well permit fee-State Statute


Complaint Form
DeKalb County Sewage Installer Application
DeKalb County Sewage Pumper Application
Freedom of Information Act
Private Sewage Disposal System Application
Real Estate Inspection Request Application 
Site Verification

Variance Request Form
Water Well Construct/ Modify/ Seal Permit Application
Water Well Construction Report Instructions
Water Well Construction Report
Water Well Pump Installation Report
Water Well Sealing Form

Water Sample Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Laws and Regulations

DeKalb County Code – Sewers and Sewage Disposal
DeKalb County Code – Water WellsAdditional information regarding state codes related to water and sewage can be found in Title 77 of the Illinois Administrative Code
2013 IDPH Private Sewage Code
2013 IDPH Private Water Code

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