Statement by the Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium (NIPHC) on Temporary Restraining Order Suspending Mandated Masking for Schools


The Local Health Departments of the Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium (NIPHC) are aware of the most recent judicial ruling impacting schools in our local jurisdictions and throughout the state of Illinois and recognizes the independent authority of local school districts to determine what mitigations will be adopted in their schools in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Orders. NIPHC recommends local school districts to continue to adopt a layered approach to mitigation to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among staff, students, and the community including vaccination, masking, and isolation of ill individuals. NIPHC Local Health Departments will continue to conduct case investigations for COVID-19 and issue quarantine and isolation orders in certain circumstances under their authority as outlined in Section 2 of the Department of Public Health Act and Illinois Administrative Code – Part 690 Control of Communicable Diseases Code in partnership with local schools in its jurisdiction.

NIPHC Statement 02-06-22