Covid-19 Updates

Disasters Happen. Prepare Now, Learn How.

DATE: September 10, 2018
TO: DeKalb County News Media
FROM: DeKalb County Health Department

The DeKalb County Health Department (DCHD) has launched a month-long initiative designed
to raise public awareness for emergency preparedness in September. The theme for National
Preparedness Month is Disasters Happen, Prepare Now. Throughout the month, the DCHD
Emergency Preparedness Team encourages the community to prepare for emergency events,
especially related to severe weather.

DCHD’s public awareness campaign will focus on three key points, as recommended by the
Department of Homeland Security:

  1. Build a kit of emergency supplies.
  2.  Make a plan to know what you will do in an emergency.
  3. 3. Be informed so you’ll be prepared to react.

For the second year, DCHD will be providing starter preparedness kits to community members
throughout the county during scheduled presentations. The starter preparedness kits include a
weather alert radio with flashlight and cell phone charging capabilities, first aid kit, and masks.
“During times of emergency, it is suggested that all families have a three-day supply of
emergency items,” says Lisa Gonzalez, DCHD Public Health Administrator. “We want to give our
community a jump-start on preparedness by providing these starter kits and radios. It’s our
hope that they will continue to build emergency supplies for every member of their family.”

Kits will be available for distribution at the following locations, as a first come, first serve basis:

  • Salem Lutheran Church: September 11, during regular food pantry hours
  • Sandwich Library: September 13, 1pm presentation
  • Sycamore Library: September 17, 1pm presentation
  • Barb Food Mart (DeKalb): September 20, during food pantry hours
  • Genoa Library: September 24, 11:30am presentation
  • Kirkland Food Pantry: September 25, during food pantry hours

In addition to distributing starter kits, DCHD will be providing information on social media
throughout the month of September to provide tips to the community on how to prepare for
an emergency. Be sure to visit the DeKalb County Health Department’s social media for
additional tips to keep your family safe during an emergency. You can also visit for additional tools to help you
and your family prepare!